Replace Sanitation Sewer Lines, Millington, Tennessee, – Sewer Project – $662K

The work included labor, material, equipment, and incidental related work to provide C.I.P.P lining and open cut replacement of the sanitary sewer lines as indicated at the locations indicated on drawings provided and to specification for the project.

Installed new factory sewer manhole ring and iron cover with sanitary sewer cast into the top of the cover. Completed all work concrete and brick work necessary to the top of the manhole allow for proper installation of the manhole ring and cover.Spray line manhole 5001 with epoxy liner. Furnished and installed cured in place pipe C.I.P.P. Provide necessary repair and replacement of missing brick and cement work to the manhole for the raising of the height of the ring and cover above grade. Sprayed line the manhole with epoxy sealant to stop infiltrations.