South Side Main Spot Repair, Millington, Tennessee – Repair to Sewer Lines – $213K

The work included labor, material, equipment, and incidental related work to provide C.I.P.P lining and open cut replacement of the sanitary sewer lines as indicated at the locations indicated on drawing T-1, M-1, & M-2 and specification for the project.

Removal of short section of existing PVC pipe and replace with new section. Removal of existing manhole cover and dispose of cover. Provided all necessary equipment for preliminary cleaning of sewer, and video inspection with an articulating color video camera with proper lighting. Provided the proper video inspection of the line carefully noting the lateral connections distances, locations, and provide camera video at a slow rate of speed for careful inspection. Provided post C.I.P.P. lining video with an articulating color camera with adequate lighting. Provide videos for each scanning of the sewer lines Preliminary and Post inspection. Furnished and installed joint couplings with clamps and stainless steel band or shear rings to prevent shifting of pipes and preventing offsets.